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If you creating Application LB from ansible to AWS and it stuck with error : 

botocore.exceptions.ClientError: An error occurred (ValidationError) when calling the CreateAutoScalingGroup operation: Provided Target Groups may not be valid. Please ensure they exist and try again

Then need to use instead of load_balancers names : target groups 

Need to add this line :  target_group_arns: [tg.target_group_arn]

in which tg- this is register of : elb_target_group and it has to be a list

In additional vpc identifier has be added : 

   vpc_zone_identifier: [vpc_subnet_id]

and at last- it is better for AWS to enlarge timeout to 500 if you creating all together — elb_target_group, elb_application_lb, ec2_lc and ec2_asg

p.s. -livejournal removes jinja2  :) so I just typed it above as a list

- name: ASG create


    name: xxx-ASG-{{env}}

    launch_config_name: xxx-lc-{{env}}

    default_cooldown: 300

    health_check_period: 60

    health_check_type: ELB

    replace_all_instances: yes

    min_size: 1

    max_size: 1

    desired_capacity: 1

    target_group_arns: ["{{tg.target_group_arn}}"]

    vpc_zone_identifier: ["{{vpc_subnet_id}}"]

    region: "{{region}}"


        - Name: "xxx-elb-{{env}}"

    termination_policies: OldestInstance

    wait_for_instances: yes

    wait_timeout: 500

    state: present


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