November 9th, 2019

Draft Val Thorens to Courchaevel

lift-plain sud — > lift-3 valees ->lac de la chambre(blue)-ours -(blue)-lift pas du lac- saulire (red)-snow park — courchevel — grangettes lift- verdons lift — saulire lift — marcassin(red) or sanglier(black) — aigle(red)- platteires lift- snow park down to — platteires 3 lift — allamands (red) -left lift to becca- lift mont de la chambre — mont de la chambre (blue) 

Approximately 6 hours ride, 1 stop 30-40 min. 

Or if arrive time at courchevel below 12.00 from Courchevel- jump from to amoreux(red) — great forest view -up via foret lift to dou des lanches lift — pic bleu(blue) — foret(green) — doron(blue)-tougnete1 lift — gros tougne(blue)- granges lift- allouette (red) — cote brunne lift- mont de la chambre(blue)

Approximately 7.30 hours ride , 1 stop 30-40 min 

Must on first or second day: caron lift- cime caron lift- combe de caron(black)-cristaux(black) + offpiste — gentiante(red)

Three vales :