klepysik (klepysik) wrote,

хехе, интересненькое по работе :)

Вчера была занимательная переписка с клиентом :)
Однозначно идет в мемориез :)

1. Клиент открывает тикет и пишет :
Subject: FS Appliance seeks RMA

Well meaning, new, bright, FS appliance seeks RMA for adventure and travel. Would appreciate paid trip home for brief stay before returning to host environment.

S/N xxxxxxxxx

Appliance network card is loose and server cover is not completely closed. This is new, straight out of the box. The tech noticed this before he racked it the first time.

Я долго ржу и падаю со стула :) Но пишу ему ответ :)

Hello xxxxxx,

I will be glad to invite device back to us for a brief stay and replacement .
I am attaching you visa/RMA form to fill out in order to send device back.

Please fill all the details including the reason of the trip and Serial number+ SKU (model of the device)

Thank you and I am waiting for your update.

Olga Kurtzer
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